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Josh Lieb is the former Producer and Show Runner of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. His credits include stints as Executive Producer of NewsRadio and The Daily Show with[…]

It’s just work.

Question: Do you have a creative process?

Josh Lieb: It’s just . . . It’s just sitting down and writing. That’s my creative process. I like, you know . . . Sitting around and making jokes with people is nice too, but you know it . . . it’s . . . when you’re . . . when you are . . . When you’re a writer and you’re working, you are . . . it’s . . . you’re not really an artist. You’re a craftsman. You know you sit down at your table, and you do your eight hours and you’re out. And it’s great, and hopefully you’ve done something wonderful. But when you’re not feeling funny, you still have to write something funny. So that’s really my process. I’ve . . . I’ve got a nice chair that a like, and a computer that I’ve set up exactly like I like it, and have a lot of coffee. And I quit smoking, but I used to, you know, smoke a lot of cigarettes. And I just sort of . . . you just crank through it.



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