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I am a microbiologist/ecologist by training, and for 27 years I conducted laboratory-based research on molecular aspects of intracellular parasitism funded by NIH. I also teach courses in the medical[…]

Search for the website on Google, says Dickson Despommier, and sign up.

Dickson Despommier:
Venture capitalist? Magic words. Operators are standing by. Here’s how
to get involved. If you think this is a good idea, I would love to hear
from you, and I can hear from you by simply having you go online to or just “vertical farm”, Google and you can find
because we’re listed number one, and then there’s a “Contact Us.” And
then just tell us what you think. Venture capital has already appeared.
I must tell you that there’s a line, and it’s not a short line. It’s
maybe 20 people deep, and this is a good sign by the way. This is a
very good sign. I realize that I do not reflect that in the way I
present myself, but nonetheless, we are very conservative at that
level. The money is there and we are in the negotiation stages right
now for at least four projects one of which is in the city of Chicago.
Another is in the city of Las Vegas. Another is in the city of Incheon,
Korea, and another is in the city of Abu Dhabi in the Arab Emirates of
Abu Dhabi. This Cheshire-like cat smile on my face belies the fact that
I was anticipating your question with glee, because I can finally tell
you that somebody out there really loves us to the point of saying if
we don’t try this, we’re going to have egg on our face.

Recorded on: 6/10/08