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Who's in the Video
David Life is a co-founder (with Sharon Gannon) of the Jivamukti School of Yoga and co-director of the Jivamukti Yoga Center  in New York. Born in a small town in[…]

The beginnings of Life Cafe.

David Life:  My name is David Life. I guess usually I’m labeled as the co-founder and . . . the co-founder of Jivamukti yoga. As most Americans, I’m a European. And that’s where I was from originally. In America, I was born and raised in Michigan. And I moved to New York in 1989. I’m sorry, 1979 I moved to New York. Earlier yet. I’m afraid of those years. They’re piling up fast. In America children aren’t . . . are raised to . . . with this idea that you should . . . you should become someone. “Who are you going to become? What are you going to do?” rather than “Who are you?” And I was kind of caught . . . locked in between those two questions. “Who am I?” and “What am I going to become?” Becoming something, or choosing an occupation to me was actually less important than who I was. What was my identity? Not so much what am I gonna make of my life, but why am I here? Why was . . . Why am I here at all? And it was that investigation that led me to art, and eventually to what I do today – teaching yoga. Recorded on: 10/31/07



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