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Since 1987, Nancy Pelosi has represented California's Eighth District in the House of Representatives. The Eighth District includes most of the City of San Francisco including Golden Gate Park, Fisherman's[…]

As Speaker of The House, Pelosi says she has a responsibility to the American People to work with the President, and to stand her ground.

Question: Could you work with John McCain?

Nancy Pelosi: As Speaker of the House, I have a responsibility to work with the President of the Unites States, of my party, or otherwise.

We all have a responsibility to the American people to try to find our common ground for their benefit. Where we can't find our common ground though, we have an obligation to stand our ground.

I will do everything that I possibly can, and encourage my colleagues to do so, to make sure we have a Democratic President of the United States. The country cannot handle four more years of George W. Bush's policies. He has taken us to the brink in Iraq, to the brink on the economy, endangered our fiscal soundness in the budget, endangered the preservation of the planet. Nothing less is at stake than the planet, the budget, the Constitution of the United States. It's impossible to exaggerate the importance of this race.

And I say to all who have participated in the presidential elections, God bless you for your participation and your loyalty to your candidates along the way--but everyone in this country who cares about working families in our country has so much to gain from the election of Barack Obama as president, and so much to lose by the election of John McCain. I can't even think about the prospect of a Republican president, not at the moment. But yes, of course I would be prepared to work with Senator McCain.

Recorded on: June 24, 2008