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Myra J. Biblowit has served as a director of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation since our separation from Cendant in July 2006. Ms. Biblowit was a Cendant director from April 2000 until[…]

Biblowitz takes breast cancer research personally.

Myra Biblowitz: I’ve known Evelyn for a long time, when she wanted to start the foundation in 1993, I helped her, in fact her impetus for it began in about 1989 when she was on the board of Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center and was asked to raise the money to create a state of the art breast center at that facility and she raised the money and in the process really became persuaded that at the end of the day research was what was gonna save lives and the more
that we could put money into research and accelerate the investment in research, we would make a difference and there was no organization that had a laser sharp singular focus on doing that.  So she called me and she said “I need another job like a hole in the head, but I could do this, I think I can take all of the Estee Lauder counters around the world and launch the pink ribbon as the ubiquitous symbol of breast cancer and I can create a foundation that will support new ideas and really make a difference” and so I helped her find someone and get the foundation off the ground and seven years later I came to run it.