Christie Hefner on How to Manage Creatives

Hefner:    Well, if you can create a culture where creativity is valued, I think that that goes a long way.  I used to be in a board of something called Business Committee for the Arts, and one of the programs that they initiated that we embraced that I think is, you know, small way of doing that is something called art at work where you showcase literally the art that your employees pursue in their spare time.  And when we did it, I remember thinking in advance, well, we’ll have a lot of submissions from the people that work in the creative departments of our company, the people that work on the Photo Department and the Art Department, etc., etc.  And, of course, that was true, but what was more surprisingly true were the large numbers of people who had very creative hobbies that worked in accounts payable or security or legal.  And I think that engendering that sense of encouraging people to be creative in that way and in all ways is as good advice for every company.

Christie Hefner on the importance of culturing creativity.

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