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In 2002, Carol Gilligan became University Professor at New York University, with affiliations in the School of Law, the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, and the Graduate[…]

Being an older woman in the U.S. means enjoying a great deal of freedom.

Carol Gilligan: It is a privileges as a women to live in America, first of all, compare to other places where you could live where girls aren’t educated, women are stoned or burned or whatever, so that’s one thing. And it is also good fortune to get older and not ill or something like that. I think it is a wonderful time for women and my friends who are like me would are “older women” and its interesting, because we - the images of like old women, I mean even the images I have when I was walking around in granny shoes, whatever it is not the lives we are leading and it’s like the question from before about, whether you are looking at eleven year old is playing soccer and just girls feeling so alive and enjoying themselves in a much fuller way. I think you can go right up to older women who are having amazing launch right now, I said if you fortunate to live in a country where you are not having to walk around in the burqua or where you are totally cannot drive or you cannot be out of the control of men and if you are fortunate and in the sense of you are not affected with severe illness or something, terrible thing.