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Facebook is the new coffee shop, Scott Kleeb observes.

Question: How does your campaign use technology?


Transcript: We have somebody whose full focus is on the technology end. It’s not just on the Internet but its text messaging and everything else too. Because we are increasingly, across this country, getting information in a number of ways and if you wanna reach voters, you need to find all the ways in which people are talking to each other. Look, you know, politics if you take the root word of politics from the Greek, what does it mean? It means people. Politics is nothing more than people talking about a future, talking about whether it’s immigration policy or energy policy, whatever it is, its root is people. And so, where people use to talk, they still do, coffee shops and barber shops and beauticians’ salons and, you know, the… We’re now having conversations in other areas. So what is the coffee shop? What is the barber shop? Well, it’s text messaging, it’s Facebook, it’s a number of ways and it’s about finding out where the conversations are happening and being a part of those conversations, learning from those conversations, and we’re doing that in a number of ways. And we need to respond in kind ‘cause politics at its root is about people. So we have somebody whose focus is on making sure that our campaign is represented in those modern day beauty salons, on the Internet or elsewhere, on Facebook as well as the more traditional stuff too. So we’ve got a whole focus on that.


Recorded on: 8/13/08





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