Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton?

Question: Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. What does this say about our political system?

Dennis Kucinich: You call this program the Big Think, okay? Bush-Clinton, Bush-Kucinich. Now think of how that’s going to change things. That’s where my focus is. I’m not thinking about anyone becoming the next president except myself. And I have a purpose in offering myself to the American people so that everyone can have a job, and everybody can have healthcare and education so we can rebuild America; so I can help make government an engine for sustainability; retrofit millions of homes with wind, and solar, and micro technologies; lower people’s energy costs; lower our carbon footprint; lower our consumption of oil. I mean you know there’s . . . there’s a purpose that I have. And my purpose is not to indulge in any kind of conversation about dynasties or things like that. That’s . . . If my focus was there, I shouldn’t even be doing this interview.

Recorded on: 10/19/07


A different line-up is needed Dennis Kucinich emphasizes.

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