Bill Richardson: If you don't win, why will that be?

Simple arithmetic.
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Question: If you don't win, why will that be?

Bill Richardson:

Well because the other candidates get more votes than I will. I suspect because other candidates will have a better message. I think the American people will want a message of who can change this country, who can bring this country together, and who has the experience to do it. I believe I have those attributes over the other candidates; but it may be that the voters may not see it that way, and I respect that. Maybe the next question is gonna be, “What will I do if I lose?” And if I don’t make it – and I believe I will make it . . . I’m very confident that I’ll win the nomination. I may not win all the first early primaries. I just wanna place in the top three in the first few primaries – I’ll go back to being governor of New Mexico, a job that I love because I can make a difference for people as a governor. Because I can wake up in the morning and ride my horse, and be with my family, and be in a state that I love, and in an area of the country that is booming, and is growing, and is pursuing all those American dream objectives that the country has had for years. Recorded on: 11/28/07