Are we going to see a more global Hollywood?

This director, her name is Deepa Mehta. And she’s . . . She did a movie called Water which was an absolutely exquisite film. And I . . . After I saw the film I called her representation and I said, “Please let me just meet her.” And when I met her I said, “I really would love to work with you. Just tell me how. I’ll send you every script that I have.” I think that movie was so touching, so beautiful, so real. And she gave me a script called Stella, and . . . which we’re gonna shoot in India in the end of February. And so in answer to your question . . . I’m not answering your question really, but I’m gonna get there. Yes. The answer is yes. Yes I think as we see performances in . . . in let’s say Indian films and we see something special, we’re going to bring it to what we’re doing. You know if . . . You know obviously the film would have to be something that was noticed by the Academy. And let’s say they were five foreign films. I think there are a lot of incredible Chinese actors like …I don’t know if you’ve seen that. It’s …new movie. There’s an actress by the name of … and … - two spectacular . . . I know I would like to work with them and use them in the future. So yes. In answer to your question, yes. As we see movies . . . And also I think . . . I just came back from London where I saw some theater and saw some wonderful performances with Ewan McGregor and Chiwetel Ejiofor. That’s a name for you. He’s somebody who’s starting to do movies and really terrifically talented. And I met a young man today by the name of Nathaniel Parker – Nate Parker – and he’s just in the Great Debaters with Denzel Washington that Denzel just directed. And I think he had a wonderful presence in the movie. Yes, so as we see movies; as we go to theater; as we, you know, look at the magazines and see a face, yes. I think if we pull . . . If we’re casting, or producing, or directing, we try to reach out to new people no matter who they are and where they’re from, and to see if they can fit into what we’re doing. So yes.

Recorded On: 12/21/08

After working with Deepa Mehta, Timmermann thinks we're going to see a globalized Tinseltown.

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