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Bonnie Timmerman is one of Hollywood's most successful, and reportedly highest-paid, casting directors. She began her career with Manhattan's Phoenix Repertory Company in the 1970s, casting then up-and-comers, Glenn Close,[…]

Timmermann recalls some notable performances, old and new?

Bonnie Timmerman: There Will Be Blood. Daniel Day Lewis was just wonderful, and I have worked with him. I did a movie called Last of the Mohicans with him. But this performance was wonderful. And also in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, just across the board wonderful, wonderful performances. Sean Penn’s movie Into the Wild, Hal Holbrook was astonishing in that movie. All the actors were astonishing, but you do hold onto Hal Holbrook who you’ve seen so many times. And you were so touched by him that, you know, some kind of stunning performances that will stay with me. I mean I always remember Kevin Kline and Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice, and that was a long time ago. I remember Placido Domingo and Tricia Status . . . or Stratus, I think her name is, in La Traviata, which was an amazing movie. And it was an opera, but the performances were beautiful. And I think I’ve seen recently Tommy Lee Jones do some astounding work, and Kate Blanchett. So I do take some of those performances with me for sure. Russell Crowe I think is a really good actor as well.

Recorded On: 12/21/08