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Andrew Carmellini

Andrew Carmellini is the executive chef for A Voce restaurant in New York CIty. In 2000, Carmellini was named Best New Chef by Food & Wine magazine. He also won[…]

Carmellini says he will always do Italian, but he wants to try a couple other things, too.

Question: What do you see yourself doing in five years?

Andrew Carmellini: I mean, I’m always going to do Italian, I mean, I wanted to do it, and I might do a couple more variations on that. And I also, you know, I would, you know, I love Bar-B-Q, and maybe I might do a Bar-B-Q again. And, you know, I’m a pretty good Mexican cook, you know, and there’s a couple of two or three different moles, you know, I’d love to bust out in some way or combine everything together and do something. Sometimes, you know, uptown I used to do fried chicken dinners to go with some very powerful New Yorkers with, you know, cream corn and collards and Alabama slaw and homemade honey biscuits. I don’t know, we’ll see.


Recorded: 4/17/08