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Who's in the Video
Mahvish Rukhsana Khan is an American lawyer, born to immigrant Pashtun parents in Michigan. While persuing a law degree at the University of Miami, she became enraged by the illegal[…]

According to Mahvish Kahn, there is a clash based on fear of the unknown.

Topic: A clash of civilizations?

Mahvish Khan: I believe that there is a clash based on fear and fear of the unknown. I feel that the civilizations, the religion and the people are really a lot more alike than we know and the more dialog and meeting... And I feel that it’s based on fear of the unknown because really the Muslim and... world and the Middle East... They’re people just like we are and we don’t know them as individuals and that’s the problem because this clash is created by this fear of terrorism and the unknown, but for the most part they all have the same goals and aspirations that we do as Americans.



Recorded on: 7/17/07