Social Media Makes Lousy Customer Service a Very Costly Proposition

In the pre-Internet world, you might have told a few people about a lousy experience you had with a company. Now the Web lets you tell millions... and your message never goes away.

Technology & Innovation

Ah, the sweet satisfaction of being able to vent. 

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Worthy Non-Profits on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to learn about philanthropy from a new angle.

Technology & Innovation

Twitter may be the only place right now where you can easily follow many of the philanthropic leaders in the world and hear their (bite-sized) thoughts in real time. Go to or to get started.

Financial Advertising is a Minefield: Walk Accordingly

Political landmines don't discriminate between the guilty and the bystanders.

I counsel clients in the financial services and luxury spaces that a choice to advertise right now must be made with extreme care. The hurt, anger and fear in the market right now means that consumers do not have the time nor the inclination to discriminate between your peers (who may not have conducted themselves well) and you. Don't needlessly penalize yourself and open yourself up to ridicule (whether fair or not) unless there is a do/die reason to be promotional right now. The price is too high.