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The renegade WW2 pilots who tried to end war as we know it | Malcolm Gladwell

The Bomber Mafia nearly changed the world—and you've likely never heard of them.

Malcolm Gladwell: What if presidents were chosen by lottery?

Join Radiolab's Latif Nasser at 1pm ET today as he chats with Malcolm Gladwell live on Big Think.

TALENT: Master Your Craft, with Malcolm Gladwell

As Malcolm Gladwell – author of numerous New York Times bestselling books – points out, mastery and popularity are sometimes linked, but often they are not. If your goal is to become masterful at what you do, the formula is really quite simple: stay focused and do your time. This is the theory behind the 10,000 Hours Rule that Gladwell made famous. Worrying about whether you’re being recognized for your efforts, i.e. popularity, is a product of the ego, not to mention a distraction. . . . So get over yourself and get to work! In this lesson, Gladwell teaches you how.

Learn to Embrace Your Messy Brain

Embracing messiness and understanding that it is a contribution to the creative process is something that writers and creative types have got to cultivate.

Tinkering with Technology is Not What Moves Human Knowledge Forward

Malcolm Gladwell: It drives me crazy when people in the technological sphere inflate the importance of the kind of tinkering they do with these sort of software gadgets that they come up with.  

You Want to be 21 at the Beginning of a Revolution

Malcolm Gladwell: I don’t know why we run from explanations of success that include a healthy dose of serendipity.

You Need to Stop Thinking Like a Two-Year-Old

We always fall back on this notion that the rest of the world is somehow the way that we are.