Twitter Abuzz About Bonuses

Ever since influencial D.C. blogger Ana Marie Cox twittered that Twitter is now a search engine, I searched the micro-blog site for bonus chatter. Here's what I found:

sstroeer: Guys from the JPMorgan office next door are congregating in the hallways to commiserate re: bonus tax bill. Not a happy crowd.

gpollowitz: idiotic dem bonus tax so stupid it can't tax the 2.5 billion in merrill bonuses.

NewsOnTwitter: CNN - Dodd says he was misled on bonus legislation: A defensive Sen. Chris Dodd said Friday that he was mis..

KAZPORT: @gretawire Why doesn't anyone dare ask if Obama knew? If he read the bill he should know. AIG bonus

Whop__dedoo: & I'm mad at them for voting yes on the aig bonus tax (illegal!) So they'll have to do without me as my own personal form of punishment.

MarcMal856: I will give a $1.00 bonus to the first person who follows me LOL (no bailout $ used)

seventenths: Many AIG bonus receiving D-Bags deserve to be hung, reclaiming the money thru a Bull Shit tax bill is not the way. Just Say No 2 Bonuses

maddawggmorgan: @gretawire Question: if AIG Execs."forget" to pay that 90% tax on their Bonus will they get a Cabinet Post in the Obama Admin automatically?

american_o: @dailydish the bonus bill is a disgrace. It is making democrats that are financially comfortable rethink their dem support!

timmerwd: @directorblue Interesting article...I really hadn't thought about the impact of the bonus tax on normal people...assumed it was for execs.
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