Why Late-Nite TV Will Never Change

Well, the late-nite wars are finally over and talk shows are languidly retreating back to business as usual: the long introductory monologues are back; celebrities have recommenced stopping by for 5 minutes of naked self-promotion; network names are once again taboo; ratings are back down. For all of its fury, last month’s spectacle doesn’t seem to have changed the somewhat tired protocol of late-nite TV. As Dick Cavett, one of the legendary talk-show hosts, explains in today's interview, nothing will.

Cavett also provides some tips for aspiring comedians, including how to do an interview (hints: don’t make it an “interview;” and avoid anybody as brilliantly infuriating as Norman Mailer); how to write jokes, and how to get the courage to get up on stage.

The famed television personality also describes some of his most memorable interviews, from the seemingly mythical presence of Groucho Marx to the unique intelligence of John Lennon (which forged a bond between the two that scared Richard Nixon) and the pleasantness of Bobby Fischer.

Where the water wars of the future will be fought

A new report warns about the increasing likelihood of international conflicts over water.

Abd al-Ibrahim, whose home was destroyed during fighting, as he rests on his trip to supply water to his family at the house they are squatting in the northern Syrian city of Raqa. October 15, 2018. (Photo credit: DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP/Getty Images)
Politics & Current Affairs
  • A study finds that serious conflicts over water are going to arise around the globe.
  • The 5 hotspots identified by the paper include areas of the Nile, Ganges-Brahmaputra, Indus, Tigris-Euphrates, and Colorado rivers.
  • It's still possible to change course if we are prepared to address the effects of climate change.
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A Star Is Born, Warner Bros Pictures
Surprising Science
  • It has to do with two parts of the brain, both of which are thicker in those with better smell and spacial recognition.
  • Your nose can detect about 1 trillion smells.
  • While your nose isn't a full GPS, it can help you pick out a general direction.
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Technology & Innovation
  • A Larry Page-backed company has announced that its flying car will go on sale in 2019.
  • It's called the BlackFly.
  • Not quite the escape from traffic you had in mind, but it's a jaw-dropping start.
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