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What Would Keynes Say?

Lord Robert Skidelsky sat down with Big Think the other week to talk Keynes. Skidelsky weighed the various life factors that contributed to Keynes’ economic outlook– especially the Bloomsbury Group, which was a group of friends he met while at Cambridge. What would Keynes say about the economic crisis of today?  Here’s Skidelsky’s idea

As for Keynes’ predictions about the future of wealth, Skidelsky thinks the economist completely underestimated an important factor: greed. When asked to point the finger today, Skidelsky thinks economists are responsible for the crash. We can’t blame regulators and politicians because they never have ideas of their own. At the end of the interview, we had time to talk to Skidelsky about his lordship– how he snagged an appointment and what he thinks of the Queen’s powers.


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