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TV Boob?

Middle America is up in arms after fully exposed breasts were aired on TV – as part of a breast cancer exam awareness campaign!

“[When a television company] ran a four-part series about breast cancer last week that went where no one—except perhaps Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake—has gone before. As part of the series, the station showed two women performing self-exams with their breasts completely uncovered. The report coincided with both the end of National Cancer Month and sweeps week. Many people, such as Wendy Wright of the Concerned Women for America, found the latter event more significant. ‘It could be done on a model or mannequin,” Wright said. ‘It can be done through diagrams… This is exploiting women in order to exploit the audience. It’s pretty clear that there’s one point in doing this, and that is to try and increase their ratings.’ The station denies that the segments, which aired on their 5pm and 11pm broadcasts, were merely a ratings play. ‘We don’t think we’re going too far,’ reporter Julie Parker said on Good Morning America. “We are proud of what we have done.’”


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