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Stuck In Snow? Here’s An Ad For Some Snow Tires

With the launch of the mobile platform UberAds, advertisers will be able to use a potential customer’s publicly-available data — including their GPS location — to deliver extremely specific promotions.

What’s the Latest Development?

California-based UberMedia has launched UberAds, a platform that sends ads to customers’ mobile devices based on their publicly-available social media data — from sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest — as well as their (optional) GPS location. Using this data, “the platform can send movie trailers to users who have tweeted frequently from a movie theater, indicating they’re probably film buffs. People who pin lots of photos of food…are more likely to receive restaurant-related ads.” With GPS data, it’s even possible to send ads for snow tires to someone who’s in their car during a snowstorm.

What’s the Big Idea?

The goal, according to UberMedia founder and CEO Bill Gross, is to create a personalized experience that’s beneficial to brands, customers, and advertisers, especially as more mobile devices penetrate the market. Current methods of mobile advertising are ineffective as well as annoying, he says. “You can’t take what works in one medium and point it into a new medium…That’s what always happens first, but that’s not going to work.” He stresses that UberAds only gets its data from public sources, and the data used is “completely anonymous.”

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