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New Media Tally

The nuclear explosion of new media has inspired a real time counter to track the number of blogs, Tweets, Facebook users second by second.

The “nuclear explosion” of new media such as social networking sites, blogs, YouTube and instant messaging has prompted one web user to create a counter showing the second by second growth of social media. In the 126 seconds since I logged into the counter over 1,400 new blogs have been posted, more than 1,000 Facebook profiles added and over 9,000 iPhone apps downloaded. This is hardly surprising given that that Twitter registers 18m new users each year and everyday bloggers publish about 900,000 posts, but it does seem staggering. Techtified sums it up: “This counter clearly shows the insane growth rate of social media.” Oh, now its 2,700 blogs, 1,900 Facebook users…


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