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Michael Moore Celebrates Labor Day

“Happy F*ckin’ Labor Day! Before there were unions, there was no middle class.” Michael Moore tells White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel he ought to defend the UAW.

“Before there were unions, there was no middle class. Working people didn’t get to send their kids to college, few were able to own their own fucking home, nobody could take a fucking day off for a funeral or a sick day or they might lose their fucking job. Then working people organized themselves into unions. The bosses and the companies fucking hated that. In fact, they were often overheard to say, ‘Fuck the UAW [United Auto Workers]!!!’ That’s because the UAW had beaten one of the world’s biggest industrial corporations when they won their battle on February 11, 1937, 44 days after they’d taken over the GM factories in Flint.”


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