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Male Poker Players: Chauvinists?

Professional poker champion Annie Duke is no stranger to crude name-calling at the table; it’s all part of being a successful female gambler. Duke has sat down next to so many men during her career that she’s taken the time to categorize them into four types: the rational, the angry chauvinist, the disrespecting chauvinist and the flirting chauvinist. How does Duke use her skills to compete against all of these types of bullies? Watch her latest interview with Big Think.

Duke also launches into a discussion on the game of Rock, Paper, Scissor, a challenge for which she took home the 2006 World Championship award. To her, the game’s not about luck at all; it’s about reading the patterns of your opponent– and she tells us exactly how to do that. Duke also divulges the best and worst career advice she’s ever received– it will help you understand why to never take gambling advice from strangers.


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