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Look For Your Hidden Biases

The ongoing class action lawsuit between Walmart and female workers should make managers think about how company culture influences their hiring and pay decisions.

What’s the Latest Development?

Sean Silverthorne says every hiring manager should be following the ongoing class action lawsuit between Walmart and female workers, the largest civil rights class action in history. “It should have you thinking about the role that your company’s corporate culture might play in influencing your hiring decisions, and not in a good way.” “The action argues that individual managers discriminated because of attitudes about women predominant in the company’s unstated corporate culture.”

What’s the Big Idea?

When you hire someone, is your decision based on their qualifications, accomplishments, and personality fit with the organization? Or does your own corporate culture affect your hiring decisions in a way you prefer not to acknowledge? “We all should be self-aware about what influences our decisions, and be prepared to fight the good fight if those influences include an ‘accepted way of doing things’ that should not really be accepted at all.”


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