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Location Sharing App Helps Users Keep Track of Loved Ones

Life360 is a free app that allows family members to track each other via smartphone GPS. While some call it a surveillance/curfew app, the founder explains that its real purpose is to help make emergencies more manageable. 

Aaron Tilley at Forbes has a piece in this month’s issue about a “location sharing” app called Life360. Tilley makes sure to note that Life360’s CEO Chris Hull doesn’t like to call it a surveillance or tracking app. Rather, it’s a way for family members — with each member’s consent — to coordinate tasks and locations. It also serves the purpose of helping manage family emergencies.

“Our goal has always been to be the hub for the family,” says Hulls in the startup’s San Francisco headquarters–which, incidentally, were Twitter’s first offices. “Location is really a means to an end, not an end in itself. Facebook became a massive company by winning the social network. LinkedIn did something similar with the professional network.”

Tilley goes on about how Life360 will need to grow in able to remain viable. It’s an interesting look into the thought process that goes into growing a relatively young company. Check out the link below to read on.

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Photo credit: William Perugini / Shutterstock


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