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Leadership Lessons in a Globalized World

Companies are still feeling their way forward on “globalization”. Should they develop leadership centrally or try to source talent locally? How best to manage a diverse workforce?

What’s the Latest Development?

There are now hundreds of books on globalization but still lots of confusion on how best to develop leadership in a globalized world. IESE Business School surveyed a range of corporate leaders and found no clear-cut answers but some broad agreement: nurture homegrown talent, embrace diversity, move with the times, build partnerships with business schools, be prepared to change your model.

What’s the Big Idea?

A “one size fits all” strategy is untenable. Some firms rely on sending their most prized, homegrown executives off to emerging markets but there are limits to how far you can simply parachute in expatriate talent. Being able to adapt to local customs is key to developing local talent. Bertelsmann opts for developing local managers as entrepreneurs, rather than relying too much on expatriates. Nestlé has 90 nationalities working in its head office. 


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