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How to Get Revenge, Online

Forget slashing tires. You can trick a cheating ex into thinking he has an STD…or worse. Lucy Knight on the strange, and often murky, market for cybervengeance.

Vengeance is generally very personal. There’s the jilted lover who slashes an ex’s tires in the middle of the night; or the disgruntled employee who sneaks toilet water into his or her boss’ tea. That said, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t use a little help posting elephant droppings, or tricking an ex into thinking s/he has an STD. Lucky for those who don’t believe that “revenge is a dish best served cold,” it seems that it has never been easier, with the Internet offering a variety of services to exact some payback. “Alex,” the founder of, says he doesn’t have any morals or ethics and so doesn’t feel any twinge when sending off packages of pubic lice to customers.


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