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Hacked off Blogger

A blogger whose site was hacked decided to take matters into his own hands and interviewed the 17-year-old hacker to find out his motivation.

“A few days ago I got a tweet that my personal blog was hacked. I checked it out and found an animated Turkish flag and some text where my blog used to be. My hosting company had already noticed what had happened and only minutes later everything was back to normal again. The WordPress install that I used on my personal blog turned out to be old and vulnerable. The hacker had managed to replace my private email address with a temporary hotmail address and used that to gain access and replace my index.php file. At first I shrugged it off and was ready to forget about the whole thing but then I decided to email the hacker and ask for an interview. I was wondering why he picked my blog, what his goals were and why he used that turkish text and flag. I didn’t expect any answer but within a few hours the hacker replied and agreed to an interview via MSN.” Check the interview out at the related link.


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