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Drop the Burrito and Start a Company

Gabe Zichermann did not move to New York City for the Mexican food. In fact, he schedules layovers in California simply to satisfy his chronic cravings for Mission Street burritos. The gay entrepreneur is part of Big Think’s series with StartOut, an organization that promotes entrepreneurship in the LGBT community. Zichermann founded rmbrME, a program that allows people to share resumes and business cards by virtually “beaming” them to others.

Zichermann has an important message for aspiring entrepreneurs, and it’s pretty simple: get the train one foot out of the station. Many people have innovative business ideas but never act on them, even in the slightest bit. That first step is what could separate you from the rest of the pack.  He also spoke to Big Think about what it’s like being a gay man in a world of startups; to Zichermann, it’s an advantage, as he’s been given the power to build his own corporate culture.


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