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Clowning Around?

A bizarre video of a bewildered Anna Nicole Smith painted like a clown has been submitted as evidence that she was being held in a drugged stupor by Howard K. Stern.

A video played at a trial to determine whether or not the late Anna Nicole Smith was being held in a drug stupor for up to two years before her death by Howard K. Stern, shows a bewildered Smith with her face painted like a clown mistaking a doll in a pram for her unborn child. Stern’s lawyers say the film was “just the reality star acting for the camera” but the prosecution argues the film is evidence of Smith’s drug addled state. In the 45-minutes of footage shot at Smith’s Bahamas home in August 2006 she is seen in conversation with a 9-year-old girl called Riley Shelley for whom she was hosting a birthday party. Riley: “Anna? Hey, Bunny, Bunny. Are you doing this all for the video?” Smith replied: “Doing what?” Riley: “Caring for the baby.” Smith: “Huh? No, this is my baby” and points to the doll in the pram.


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