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Arrogance Keeps Coke Chief Awake

Muhtar Kent, the chairman and chief executive of Coca-Cola, says that the single thing that keeps him up at night is arrogance. Humility and listening to stakeholders are key, he says.  

What’s the Latest Development?

Muhtar Kent, the chairman and chief executive of Coca-Cola: “The single thing that keeps me up at night is arrogance.” Kent explains in this interview that he’s been learning how important it is for consumers to be able to express themselves. “They don’t want to be told anymore. It’s a whole different ball game.”

What’s the Big Idea? 

Kent says that humility is the “greatest trait that is effective in my life”. He loves meeting all stakeholders because, “when you talk with them you learn.” “I get out to the marketplace once a week. I learn something each time.”


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