Disney Is Fulfilling One of Nikola Tesla's Science Dreams

Disney does more than make cute movies. Researchers from its innovation branch want to turn your living room into a magnetic field. 

Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla wanted global wireless electricity. Disney is making it happen.

You may not have known this, but The Walt Disney Company does much more than animated films and amusement parks. Its Disney Research arm, with divisions all over the world, has the mission to deliver all kinds of scientific and technological innovations. From video processing and robotics to behavioral sciences and materials research, Disney has it covered. Now, its researchers have brought us what we’ve all been waiting for (even without knowing it)—ubiquitous wireless power transfer or, in other words, electricity with no wires.

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Scientists Create Wireless Neural Dust to Monitor Health and Treat Disorders

Researchers create tiny implants that promise new medical treatments via breakthrough brain-machine interaction.

Wireless "Neural dust" implants are smaller than a grain of rice.

Would you want to have precise scientific knowledge about what’s going on with your body at any given moment, catching any diseases early on? Or maybe you need help losing weight or treating a brain disorder? Perhaps, simply, you've already accepted that one day you'll become a cyborg. You might not have to wait too much longer as science is boldly marching into science fiction territory, with researchers unveiling new wireless implants or “neural dust motes” that will lead to next-level interfacing between the brain and machines.

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