Why eating turkey really makes you sleepy

Is everyone's favorite Thanksgiving centerpiece really to blame for the post-dinner doldrums?

(Photo from Flickr)
  • Americans kill around 45 million turkeys every year in preparation for the Thanksgiving meal, only to blame our favorite centerpiece for the following food comas.
  • Rumor has it our after-dinner sleepiness results from the tryptophan found in turkey.
  • However, it is the meal's overall nutritional imbalance, not just the tryptophan, that make us want to leave the dishes for tomorrow. Or maybe the next day.
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U.S. Nukes at Turkey Base Risk Seizure By "Terrorists", Warns Think Tank

A Washington think tank raises concerns that U.S. nuclear weapons stored at a military base in Turkey can fall into the wrong hands.

A Washington think tank raised alarms in a new report that 50 American nuclear weapons stored at a Turkish base are at risk of falling into the hands of "terrorists or other hostile forces".

The Stimson Center's report comes on the heels of a recent military coup in Turkey which almost saw its President Erdoğan ousted. The coup illustrated the volatile situation inside Turkey and the possibility that terrorists could use the instability to their advantage.

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