'Super Pink Moon': Biggest full moon of 2020 rises tonight

Need a distraction during these stay-at-home times? Look up tonight to see the first supermoon of spring.

  • A supermoon occurs when the moon comes unusually close to Earth and simultaneously appears full.
  • The 'super pink moon' won't actually appear pink; the name comes from North American wildflowers that bloom in spring.
  • You can watch it live through The Virtual Telescope Project.

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'Super blue blood moon' forces NASA to shut down lunar spacecraft

While millions catch a glimpse of a rare lunar event, NASA plans to shut down an orbiter whose purpose is to study the moon.

A blood red Supermoon is seen rising in the sky on September 9, 2014 in High Wycombe, England. (Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

A rare combination of lunar events—a lunar eclipse, blue moon, and “supermoon"—will coincide on January 31, creating what news outlets are calling a “super blue blood moon". It seems like it'd be the perfect time for NASA's primary lunar spacecraft to get to work.

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