Stonehenge stones came from an even older Welsh stone circle

Waun Maun was an ancient Welsh stone circle that had an awful lot in common with Stonehenge.

Credit: Ty Welch/Unsplash
  • New research finds that Stonehenge's' bluestones were taken from another, older stone circle in Wales.
  • The site of the older circle is near the quarry from which the bluestones likely came.
  • Researchers believe that at some point the original Welsh builders moved en mass eastward to England, bringing their stones with them.
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    Photo credit: Matthew Cattell / Getty Images for Samsung Galaxy S8
    • New research uses radiocarbon dating to create a timeline of the construction of 2,410 megaliths across Europe and Britain.
    • The original builders were people believed to be solely hunter-gatherers who were actually also sailors.
    • The megaliths studied go back 7,000 years.
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