NASA's A.I. Discovers a Second Solar System With 8 Planets, Just Like Ours

A machine learning algorithm has shown it can discover planets from weak signals overlooked in the Kepler spacecraft’s database.

The Kepler planetary system and ours. Credit: NASA/Ames Research Center/Wendy Stenzel

Humans in the Western world for a long time thought that Earth was the center of the universe. At one point, it was heresy not to think so. After the heliocentric universe was adopted, we felt smaller and less self-important. But we’d also gained something, new knowledge and a new avenue in which to explore the heavens. That was a paradigm shift in our understanding and now, it’s happening again.

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This Neural Network Is Generated Some Truly Bizarre Recipes

A neural network was trained to create its own cookbook recipes, resulting in some strange and unappetizing concoctions. 

Do androids dream of cooking? That's the question Tom Brewe asked on GitHub after he successfully trained a neural network to invent its own cookbook recipes. 

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Alice, Bob, and Eve Are Neural Networks. And They Have Secrets.

Google’s Deep Brain team watched neural nets learn to develop their own encryption.


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