7 most valuable college majors for the future

The most valuable college majors will prepare students for a world right out a science fiction novel.

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  • The future of work is going to require a range of skills learned that take into account cutting edge advancements in technology and science.
  • The most valuable college majors in the future will prepare students for new economies and areas of commerce.
  • Mathematics, engineering and science related educational majors will become an ubiqitous feature of the new job market.
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Top 6 fears about future technology

Many of our greatest fears stem from uncertainty about the future, and technology has made the future very uncertain indeed.

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  • Americans are scared, but hardly alone; people are primed by evolution to worry over their inability to control their future environment.
  • Oxford professor Nick Bostrom has painted a doomsday scenario. Are he and Elon Musk correct?
  • Even if these six fears come to pass—and some of them surely will—they aren't guaranteed to be as catastrophic as we think. Fortunately or unfortunately, we are incredibly bad at predicting the future.
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