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Were These Well-Known Gender Studies Just Made Up?

The researcher behind some well-known gender studies is accused of making them all up.


Nicolas Guéguen is a psychologist who publishes lots of gender studies that seem uniquely appropriate to the internet era. They traffic in catchy, off-kilter social psychology subject matter that practically begs for a click, such as Time'sScience Proves It: Men Really Do Find High Heels Sexier." (Did you just click that headline? Lord knows a lot of people did.)

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When Paris Doesn't Meet Expectations, Some Seek Hospitalization for Syndrome

Paris, France is just too real for some tourists to handle. This results in Japanese tourists getting sick, and seeking therapy because of unmet expectations. 

Japanese Tourist with Baby (Wikimedia)

Paris Syndrome sounds like a condition a college freshman that has read too many Jane Austen books might develop. While the name implies something young and idealized, it can be a very serious disorder that, in the tourist season of 2011, affected twenty tourists visiting the city of lights, according to The Atlantic.

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