Become a speed-reading machine: Read dozens of books next year

Tripling your reading speed with just 15 minutes of practice each day, and boost your ability to retain what you read.

  • Speed reading training can double, or even triple your reading speed in 30 days.
  • Results can be seen with just minutes of practice each day.
  • Training also focuses on memory retention and skill acquisition.
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China tightens its grip on freedom in academics

Scholars often debate risking their livelihoods and personal safety in order to conduct research in certain areas.

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  • Authoritarian governments that rely heavily on coercion must be more intrusive about how education shapes the personality and character of its members.
  • In China, there are topics that scholars know to avoid — especially, the Three Ts: Taiwan, Tibet, and Tiananmen Square.
  • While the majority of scholars are likely toeing the party line when it comes to their research, some are working toward encouraging academic freedom in the country, often at significant risk to themselves and their families.
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11 holiday gift ideas for the person impossible to shop for

From coffee makers and headphones to a calming weighted blanket, something here should appeal to just about anyone on your list.

  • Check out 11 awesome holiday gift ideas, each up 75% off.
  • Options include an ultrasonic cleaner, a portable video projector and a weighted blanket.
  • You can save an extra 15% off each item with the coupon code MERRYSAVE15.

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    Only 9% of 15-year-olds can tell when facts are really facts — not opinions

    An international study finds the vast majority of 15-year-olds can't tell when they're being manipulated.

    Image source: mooremedia/Shutterstock
    • International reading tests administered in 79 countries find most teens to be gullible when consuming information.
    • As learning has moved online, absolutely reliable sources have become scarce.
    • Most teens can't detect the validity of supposed "facts" from contextual clues.
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    Master a second language in easy 10-15 minute blocks

    Babbel is developed by over 100 linguistic experts and its speech recognition technology assesses your pronunciation so it's "fi 'ahsan al'ahwal" every time.

    • A lifetime Babbel subscription can help you learn up to 14 popular languages.
    • 10-to-15 minute language lessons focus on building basic conversational skills.
    • Babbel's speech recognition technology monitors and assesses your verbal performance.
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