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'Ring of fire' solar eclipse will occur this weekend. Here's how to watch.

It could be the most spectacular annular eclipse of the decade.

  • An annular eclipse is a type of solar eclipse where the edge of the Sun remains visible around the Moon.
  • The June 21 annular eclipse will occur when the Moon is nearly at its apogee, the point in the lunar orbit when the Moon is farthest away from Earth.
  • Only some countries will be able to see the eclipse in person, but several organizations plan to livestream the event.
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10 astronomical events in 2018 and how you can see them

Need more astronomical phenomena in your life? We've got you covered. 

A group of amateur astronomers view the "super blue blood moon". (Getty Images)

2018 started off with a tremendous lunar spectacle and promises to keep up the show. Here we have ten major astronomical events that will take place this year, including the stats on time, place, and which part of the sky to be looking in.

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'Super blue blood moon' forces NASA to shut down lunar spacecraft

While millions catch a glimpse of a rare lunar event, NASA plans to shut down an orbiter whose purpose is to study the moon.

A blood red Supermoon is seen rising in the sky on September 9, 2014 in High Wycombe, England. (Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

A rare combination of lunar events—a lunar eclipse, blue moon, and “supermoon"—will coincide on January 31, creating what news outlets are calling a “super blue blood moon". It seems like it'd be the perfect time for NASA's primary lunar spacecraft to get to work.

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