Ancient cave artists were getting high on hypoxia

A new study says the reason cave paintings are in such remote caverns was the artists' search for transcendence.

Credit: Petar/Adobe Stock
  • Hundreds of prehistoric paintings have been found in subterranean chambers with barely enough oxygen to breathe.
  • Low oxygen causes hypoxia that can induce exalted mental states.
  • A new study says the artists chose these hard-to-each caverns in search of an oxygen-starved high.
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Are geniuses real? The neuroscience and myths of visionaries

Labeling thinkers like Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs as "other" may be stifling humanity's creative potential.

  • Revolutionary ideas and culture-shifting inventions are often credited to specific individuals, but how often do these "geniuses" actually operate in creative silos?
  • Tim Sanders, former chief strategy officer at Yahoo, argues that there are three myths getting in the way of innovative ideas and productive collaborations: the myths of the expert, the eureka moment, and the "lone inventor."
  • More than an innate quality reserved for an elite group, neuroscientist Heather Berlin and neurobiologist Joy Hirsch explain how creativity looks in the brain, and how given opportunity, resources, and attitude, we can all be like Bach, Beethoven, and Steve Jobs.

Enhance your photography skills with help from Hollywood's celebrity photographers

From action shots to locking down the perfect lighting, you can master the art of photography with these online lessons.

  • From action shots to locking down the perfect lighting, you can master the art of photography with these online lessons.
  • Get a chance to learn from Hollywood's celebrity photographers including Michael Muller, Patrick Hoelck, and Brian Bowen Smith.
  • Originally valued at $2,990, you can enroll in the photography course for just $99.99.
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Learn how to play the guitar like a pro for $30

Virtually enroll in beginner-to-expert guitar lessons to unleash your inner musician.

  • If you've always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, this 14-course guitar lessons bundle is a great place to start.
  • Get access to 470 lessons spanning 79 hours on guitar chords, notes, scales, fundamental techniques, and so much more.
  • Learn to play guitar like a pro from a professional session musician and producer and composer for TV and film for just $30.
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Gain unlimited access to Scopio's quality stock photography for $29

This female-founded brand made Forbes 30 Under 30 list this year for its diverse, authentic, and affordable stock photography.

  • Quality content always includes both a written and visual component.
  • Thanks to Scopio's mission to overhaul stock photography, the visual component has become a lot easier
  • For a limited time, a lifetime subscription to Scopio's enormous and diverse photo library is on sale for just $29.
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