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Surprising Science

Is the F.D.A. Broken?

Potentially dangerous food coloring has been removed from foods made by American companies—overseas. The coloring persists in the U.S. while the F.D.A. calls for more research.

Food coloring has been linked to behavioral disorders and while other nations have taken action, the U.S. has not. “In kitchens across this country, eight dyes, currently being used by manufacturers, can be found in everything from packaged macaroni and cheese to breakfast cereal to practically every piece of candy your child has ever put in his or her mouth. Links are being found to hyperactivity in kids (ADHD), cancer and serious food allergies. But here is the truly crazy thing. Kraft, Coca Cola and Wal-Mart have already removed these artificial food colors and dyes from the same products that they distribute in other countries. They did it in response to consumer demand and an extraordinary study called the Southampton Study.”


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