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DeTron to Release Super-Secure Cloud Computing Key

In order to make a cloud computing network more secure, DeTron is introducing its new QDK chip that cuts out any third party between sender and receiver.

What’s the Latest Development?

Cloud computing relies on shared resources to manage data across a network. In order for that data to become encrypted, most cryptography schemes “rely on a public-key infrastructure and require a third party.” A new encryption algorithm, developed by Chinese company DeTron Inc, has been created for chips in consumer electronics and cuts out a third party in favor of system that encrypts data directly between a sender and a receiver. “Because the system requires only the sender and recipient, it simplifies and strengthens the exchange of information.”

What’s the Big Idea?

Two of the main concerns of cloud computing are speed and security. DeTron’s aim for the chip, known as the Quantum Direct Key, is to address both those concerns at the most basic consumer level. “The company hopes that users will soon be able to use its system for encrypting healthcare and financial records, but also for making email more secure.” They also hope to be able to beef up security of web browsers with “client-side security in Web applications, and public key encryption and signature generation in web browsers.” This would allow customers to have more secure digital purchases but would also give companies greater control over the DRM (digital rights management) of their products.

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