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Congressman Promotes Mindfulness as a Cure For Political Dysfunction

Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio hosts a biweekly meeting of "The Quiet Time Caucus," in which House members and their staff are invited to participate in mindful meditation.

Although it’s unlikely we’ll see Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid meditating together any time soon, one member of Congress believes that mindfulness still holds the cure for quelling the political afflictions ailing American society. 

Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio, who two years ago authored the book A Mindful Nationhosts weekly meditation sessions for representatives and their staff.In a recent interview with the NY Post, Rep. Ryan explained that “the more staffers on the Hill who are meditating, the more it will help Congress.” His sessions, dubbed “The Quiet Time Caucus,” are scheduled for evenings before the House convenes to vote. The thought is that the half-hour sessions will help representatives make better decisions by blocking out political tension and static.

“‘Instead of overreacting to situations, it can help create a bit of space between a thought going off and that thought being verbalized… Hopefully, it will give everybody a bit of courage and create more thoughtful arguments.'”

The NY Post article (linked again below) notes that President Obama has yet to accept Ryan’s invitation to join the group.

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In the clip below, author and neuroscientist Sam Harris discusses promotes mindfulness as a scientifically-proven mode of introspection and spirituality:


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