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At This Grocery Store, All The Convenience Food Is Prepared In-House

Yaron Milgrom’s Local Mission Market will offer, among other things, homemade pasta, bread, jams, and cured meats to San Francisco residents at what he claims will be affordable prices.

What’s the Latest Development?

San Francisco restaurateur Yaron Milgrom is opening a new type of grocery store that will give a whole new meaning to the concept of eating local: In addition to produce, his Local Mission Market will offer foods made in-house from scratch — such as bread, pasta, jams, cheese, and cured meats — that in any other store would be shipped in from outside manufacturers. His goals are “to make the best food the most convenient food, because they almost never overlap” and to price those foods in a way that makes them affordable for a wide range of customers.

What’s the Big Idea?

Milgrom says the market is an extension of his restaurant business, and because of that, they will be able to use all the food waste, unlike typical stores that throw out up to 20 percent of its produce. Following brainstorming sessions from local residents, the market will also make use of technology so that it can provide, for example, pre-orders via text message and produce scales connected to iPads. While the work of producing items in-house will be a challenge, Milgrom hopes the idea will appeal on a broad scale: “If you have the time, we’ll have chicken carcasses for you to make chicken stock for your risotto. But we’ll also have the chicken stock. And sometimes we’ll have the risotto.”

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