92 - Secret Soviet Plans for the Complete Removal of the North American Continent



This recently unclassified, formerly top secret document released by the Russian State Archives illustrates (quite literally) the lengths the Soviets wanted to go to in order to win the Cold War: not just the defeat of the capitalist USA, but its complete removal off the face of the earth.


The document is dated February 26, 1973 and is signed by Yuri Andropov, then head of the KGB. In the mid-1980s, Andropov rose to be secretary-general of the CPSU (effectively the Guy in Overall Charge), in which post he was the immediate predecessor of Mikhail Gorbachev (*).  


It reads, in part: “This is a scheme of assumed changes in geographical structure of Earth continents which may happen as a result of correction of gravity field of the Earth by the A-241/BIS device.” 


I’ve never heard of such a device outside the realm of fiction (the Doomsday Machine in the movie Dr Strangelove springs to mind), so I suppose this document is a hoax.


The map is presented at this page of bldgblog, an excellent blog about “architectural conjecture, urban speculation and landscape futures”.


(*): Not. Please check the comments. 

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