89 - Bushlandia vs. Reality


An updated version of the famous United States of Canada vs. Jesusland map (see posting #3 on this blog). That map represented the outcome of the US presidential election in 2004, with the ‘red’ states (those that voted for incumbent president Bush, the Republican party candidate) far outnumbering the ‘blue’ states, (preferring the Democratic candidate, senator John Kerry).

The ‘blue’ states were concentrated on the West Coast and in New England, but in this map have almost completely conquered the ‘red’ heartland of the US. This map dates from mid-2006, and presumably represents president Bush’s approval ratings – I suppose they’re highest in Bushlandia, which is composed of only three, relatively sparsely populated and mainly rural western states: Idaho, Wyoming and Utah.

This map found on altacocker.com, a self-declared ‘anti-Bush website’.

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