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Weekend Diversion: I’m Going To Be AXE COP!

With the greatest hair and mustache style of all time.

“I have signs in my kitchen to remind me not to eat breakfast and that my job is always. Most cops work only at night or at day. I am a lucky cop because I work both. Tomorrow we do it all again, because my job is not day shift or night shift. It’s always shift.” –Axe Cop

You know the story: one day, at the scene of the fire, the cop found the perfect axe. That was the day he became Axe Cop! For Ethan Nicolle and Malachai Nicolle, this started some six years ago at Christmas.

Hundreds of comics and two seasons of a TV show later, Axe Cop is one of the craziest, greatest creations out there that follows its own logic.

  • How do you deal with bad guys?

Chop their heads off.

  • How do you get superpowers?

Get your enemy’s blood on you, and then you get their powers.

And if you want to know anything about Axe Cop, just ask away at their weekly “Ask Axe Cop” series:

Well, when I saw this, I immediately knew what my Halloween costume had to be: Axe cop with crazy pizza hair with a super curly beard and mustache with a robot ghost inside.

Without further ado, happy Halloween, 2015!

Okay, so a little insight into how this is done. The “crazy pizza hair” is a dog chew toy, adhered to my freshly-shaved head with prosthetic adhesive. If you’ve never used prosthetic adhesive before, you put at least three coats on each surface (your head and the pizza, in this case), allowing each coat to dry completely, where it’ll turn clear. I recommend using a blowdryer to help the adhesive dry on the prosthetic.

Putting a severe curl in your beard like that takes planning! If you have a long beard, I recommend washing it, blowing it dry, and then running some product through it (I use hair mousse) until that’s dry (and a little sticky) as well. Then put your hair in hot curlers for 5–10 minutes or so. Before you take the curlers out, blow-dry your hair on hot, using a diffuser or not as you like.

After the curlers are out, try adding some hair spray to give it a better hold for a longer period of time.

Then get the perfect axe to chop the heads off of bad guys and dinosaurs.

You’ll also need to make a robot ghost that lives inside the beard. I recommend taking some simple electronics components — LEDs, resistors, zener diodes, capacitors all attached via wires to a controller circuit — and creating the “robot” part of it, leaving a wire or two free to attach it to your hair. Then take a tiny wisp of cotton off of a cotton ball, stretch it out and place it behind the robot part to give the “ghost-like” appearance. Finally, attach it to your super curly beard.

Follow this advice, and you’ll be chopping the heads off of bad guys on the bad guy list in no time!

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Happy Halloween 2015, everyone!

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