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Starts With A Bang

Starts With A Bang Podcast #45: Beyond Earth 2.0

If we only look for life on worlds like our own, we might miss the most commonly inhabited planets of all.

With all the planets out there in the galaxy and Universe, it’s only a matter of time and data until we find another one with life on it. (Probably.) But while most of the searches have focused on finding the next Earth, sometimes called Earth 2.0, that’s very likely an overly restrictive way to look for life. Biosignatures, or more conservatively, bio-hints, might not only be plentiful on worlds very different from our own, but around Solar Systems other than our own. Earth-like worlds, in fact, might not even be the most ubiquitous places for life to arise in the Universe.

I’m happy to welcome scientist Adrian Lenardic onto the Starts With A Bang podcast, and explore what just might be out there if we look for life beyond our idea of Earth 2.0!

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